Naviarhaiku 018

In December 2013, the American oceanographer Gregory C. Johnson, who helped write an international report on climate change, has condensed several of its key findings into a collection of 19 Haiku poems. Since they were first posted, the haiku have caught fire on social media and been posted on Twitter more than 1,000 times in 19 countries around the world.

What makes haiku poetry unique is its ability to capture feelings and images by using simple sentences. It’s incredible how so few words can be so powerful, how so few words can describe something so hard to understand, and to face.

This is the eighteenth experiment of Naviar Haiku. Participants are to complete the task by Wednesday 14th May and post a track inspired by the poem on our Soundcloud group

Haiku poem by Gregory C. Johnson

Picture by Gilbert Rodrigues  (

You can download the virtual booklet here: