Naviar Broadcast #6 – it has come to pass – Wednesday 14th March 2018

This week’s podcast includes music made by Naviar’s community inspired by the haiku poem: “It has come to pass / Each night dawns eternally into / White plum blossoms”.


Zero Meaning — A Vision From Beyond [naviarhaiku217]
ikjoyce — Eternal Blossom(naviarhaiku217)
Night Note — white plum blossoms (Naviarhaiku 217)
Robert Knote — TAO (Naviarhaiku217)
DesuExPerimental — A Call of Spring (NaviarHaiku217)
ibehre — White Plum Blossoms (Naviarhaiku217)
Detritus Tabu — Bring PongTonight (naviarhaiku217)
Unnecessary Enterprises — Night to Next Day (navhaiku 217)


music intro: “This ruined house” by Tuonela
voice intro: Ian Joyce
voice reciting the haiku: Jamie Lickfold
cover image: Micah Hallahan