Naviar Broadcast #37 – Don’t Know About The People – Wednesday 24th October 2018

This week’s podcast includes music made by Naviar’s community inspired by the haiku poem: “Don’t know about the people / but all the scarecrows / are crooked.”


Oxebe — Naviarhaiku 249 Don’t know about the people
mrscientificterms — all the scarecrows (Are Crooked)(naviarhaiku249)
john e’s Unnecessary Haiku Enterprises (Naviar) – Crooked Scarecrows (Naviar Haiku 249)
halF unusuaL — halF crookeD [naviarhaiku249]
Dave Dorgan — Crooked Scarecrows (naviarehaiku249)
unstable time — Scarecrow-Scoliosis (naviarhaiku249)
Larbjo — and all the scary crows [Naviarhaiku 249]


music intro: “This ruined house” by Tuonela
voice intro: Ian Joyce
cover image: Micah Hallahan
voice reciting the poem: Marco Sebastiano Alessi