Naviar Broadcast #33 – Flowers Of Morning Glory – Wednesday 26th September 2018

This week’s podcast includes music made by Naviar’s community inspired by the haiku poem: “Flowers of morning glory. / The sky above this street / Begins to overcast.”


DesuExSounds — Possessive Gravity , Rebel Kinetics (Naviarhaiku 245)
Yum Haruki – Begin to overcast [naviarhaiku245 – Flowers of morning glory]
Tuonela — Overcaster [naviarhaiku245]
Night Note — Flowers of morning glory (Naviarhaiku 245)
C H I L D — Morning Glory (naviarhaiku245)


music intro: “This ruined house” by Tuonela
voice intro: Ian Joyce
cover image: Micah Hallahan
voice reciting the poem: Marco Sebastiano Alessi