Naviar Broadcast #23 – Splendid Affinity – Wednesday 18th July 2018

This week’s podcast includes music made by Naviar’s community inspired by the haiku poem: “Splendid affinity / sun’s great halo / green leaves.”

sevenism — solar pulse radiance (naviarhaiku235)
mrscientificterms — Sun’s Great Halo (naviarhaiku235)
Yum Haruki — Sun’s halo [naviarhaiku235 – Splendid affinity]
halF unusuaL — halF halO [naviarhaiku235]
GLSmyth — Splendid Affinity (naviarhaiku235)
Robert Knote — Paton’s Sun (Naviarhaiku235)


music intro: “This ruined house” by Tuonela
voice intro: Ian Joyce
cover image: Micah Hallahan
voice reciting the poem: Marco Sebastiano Alessi