Naviar Broadcast #22 – When The Cicadas Cease – Wednesday 11th July 2018

This week’s podcast includes music made by Naviar’s community inspired by the haiku poem: “when the cicadas cease / what coolness! / the voice of the pines.”

Cetus — Cicadas Sing to the Pines (naviarhaiku234)
DesuExPerimental — Ice Crystals Blanket (NaviarHaiku234)
Night Note — cicadas (Naviarhaiku 234)
mrscientificterms — When the Cicadas Cease (naviarhaiku234)
sevenism — cicada pines naviarhaiku234
tualba — the voice of the pines (naviarhaiku234)


music intro: “This ruined house” by Tuonela
voice intro: Ian Joyce
cover image: Micah Hallahan
voice reciting the poem: Marco Sebastiano Alessi