haiku podcast #8

Music from the Haiku project (challenges 125 and 126) and Alio Die’s album “The Door of Possibilities”

1st part: music inspired by the following poem:

rhythmic woodpecker
chirping coot, whistling wind
woodland symphony

Naviarhaiku 125 – poem by Amber Maitrejean http://ambermaitrejean.tumblr.com)

project dirigent — A Separate Place
Yum Haruki — woodland symphony
ALIO DIE & ORA – Bestiole Nascoste Tra Il Muschio E Le Alghe
Night Note — Images of Nature
Sevenısm – rowing through
sklawlor — woodland symphony
Thoribass — After Rain
Andrulian — Woodland Symphony

2nd part:

rowing through
out of the mist
the wide sea

(Naviarhaiku126 – Poem by Masaoka Shiki)

Glenn Sogge — Rowing Through
Flat Stone – The Wide Sea
Bassling – Harbour
ALIO DIE & ORA – The Door Of Possibilities
Ian Haygreen – Nebulosus Aqua
MusicheVirtuali — Marco Lucchi – Se da lontano