haiku podcast #7

Music from the Haiku project (challenges 123 and 124)

1st part: music inspired by the following poem

In his eyes
Sunlight glistens
Universe reflected

Naviarhaiku 123 (Poem by maxstjohn http://www.maxstjohn.com)

Flat Stone – The Universe Reflected The Universe Reflected
Scott Lawlor – Playful reflection
Night Note – so I see it
Amado Ohland – The universe reflected
Sevenism – waves

2nd part:

North of the mountains
Aliens and dangerous
Darkening clouds
(Naviarhaiku124 – Poem by Back Roads Haiku http://backroadshaiku.tumblr.com)

Thoribass – Dark Mountains
Ed mundio – The Mountain that disappeared into the fog
ikjoyce – North of the mountain
Bassling – Mountain Pass
Phocasm – Ominous
koam – North of the Mountains
Yum Haruki – North dangerous darkness