Haiku Podcast #33

Music from the Haiku challenge (#160), Kenroku Park (Latitude Music) and Jaymuhsin (Energostatic Records)
All tracks submitted to the challenge and the poem that inspired them can be found at https://www.naviarrecords.com/2017/01/25/naviarhaiku160-painting-the-sounds

Roofhare — Knee Deep (NaviarHaiku 160)
Kenroku Park- VANGUARD
earthborn visions — ocean sunset (naviarhaiku160)
Jaymuhsin – Cailin’s Lullaby
FJNA — 24 Hour Sunset(Naviarhaiku160)
ikjoyce — Ocean Sunset (NaviarHaiku160)
Kenroku Park – NFNTM ONE
sevenism — underwater sunset (naviarhaiku160)
Night Note — painting the sounds (Naviarhaiku 160)
Kenroku Park – ANALGESIA
Yum Haruki — ocean sunset [naviarhaiku160 – painting the sounds]
phocasm — Fluid, [Naviar Haiku 160]
sklawlor — painting the sounds (Naviarhaiku 160)
Jaymuhsin – Dreaming
Detritus Tabu3 — Beachfront Super Doppler Girl (naviarhaiku160)

Enjoy responsibly and support the featured artists.