Haiku Podcast #30

Music from the Haiku challenge #154 and two compilations by two excellent labels: TIIF 2016 by This is Forever, First Annual Report by Concrete Tapes

Winter solitude
In a world of one color
the sound of wind

by Matsuo Basho

Dave Dorgan — Midwinter
Portland Vows – Mobile
Ed Mundio – Winter Solitude
FJNA — Dingin, Kamu Dan Aku
Thomas Ragsdale – Time To Go
Tuonela — Windwalker
Gavin Miller – I Dreamt I Was Floating In Space
Detritus Tabu — High Lonesome Traveller
Lucy Claire – Kawaita Tsuki – The Barren Moon (feat. Yuri Kono)
Scott Lawlor – Winter Solitude
Laurent Uhres — Walking In Deep Snow
Yehoshua – Corrections
Boson Spin — The Sounds of Winter Solitude
Jesús Lastra – In a world of one color
Turantula – Harp Kino
My Own Cubic Stone — Snowdrifts