Haiku Podcast #28

Music from the Haiku project (challenge 151) and two new artists I’ve come across recently, Lapsihymy and Eyra


sand sifts through the roots
of a fallen tree

by Cor Van den Heuvel https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cor_van_den_Heuvel


sevenism — Still Flame
Lapsihymy – Overwhelming
earthborn visions — sifting sands
Dave Dorgan — Still Forest
Detritus Tabu — Roots in Sand
Eyra Landscape – Abeo
Boson Spin — Stillness weaves through the roots of a fallen tree
yum HARUKI – sift through the roots
Jesús Lastra – What is this Quintessence of Dust
Lapsihymy – Watching it through in my head and it’s beautiful
Glenn Sogge – Shifting Sands Sifting
Eyra Landscape – Cogito
Scott Lawlor – Stillness
Night Note — stillness
Stull – Fallen Away

please enjoy responsibly and support the featured artists