Haiku Podcast #26

Music from the Haiku project (challenge 149), Airplanemusic and Floating Mind.

Let us be one with
the earth expelling anger
spirit unbroken.
Poem by Sonia Sanchez http://www.poemhunter.com/sonia-sanch…

sevenism — Kerguelen Islands
ikjoyce — Unbroken Spirit
Airplanemusic – Airplane Introduction
Dave Dorgan — Moving Toward Peace
windspace – One Earth
earthborn visions — spirit
Floating Mind – Histoires Differentes
Jesús Lastra – Jesús Lastra – The earth expelling anger
Detritus Tabu — In Space You Don’t Have to Hear Any of that Horseshit
Ambire Seiche – Spirit Unbroken (to Bernays dismay)
yum HARUKI – with the earth
Floating Mind – Double Phunk (intro)
Glenn Sogge – One Anger Spirit — Boson Spin & Glenn Sogge
Night Note — Let us be one
Scott Lawlor – the earth expelling anger
Bassling – Grounded

please enjoy responsibly and support the featured artists.