Haiku Podcast #21

Music from the Haiku project (challenge 141), Lowercase Noises and Celer

perfect calm
on a grass pillow
far from my hut

Poem by Ryōkan Taigu http://terebess.hu/english/haiku/ryokan.html


Lowercase Noises – The First Glimmer of Wind
Edmundio – On a Sunny Grass Hill
Formant — Grass Pillow
Night Note — on a grass pillow
Glenn Sogge — On A Grass Pillow, Looking At The Clouds
ikjoyce — Perfect Calm
Bassling – Time Out
Celer – Shima – The burden of bliss
Ambire Seiche – Glory to you between the blades of grass and the skies (naviarhaiku141)
Thoribass – Lie Down On A Grass Pillow
Scott lawlor – perfect calm
Lowercase Noises – Almost So Clear
Boson Spin — Contemplating Perfect Calm
Jesús Lastra – Flat Stone – Perfect Calm

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