Haiku Podcast #11

Music from the Haiku project (challenges 129 and 130)

Naviarhaiku 129

I saw prisoners
Sowing wildflowers
By the road today

Poem by Geoffrey Wilson http://web.archive.org/web/2006061618…


In the mist
lost on mountain
temple bells

Poem by Angelee Deodhar http://www.worldhaiku.net/poetry/eng/…


1st part:
phocasm — Blue Life
Glenn Sogge — Flowers Set Free
Night Note — handcuffed with the city
Carlos R — Atrapado
ikjoyce — Prisoners Sowing Wildflowers
Unnecessary Enterprises — Wild Flowers
sklawlor — I Saw Prisoners
Bassling — By The Road

2nd part:
windspace — The Lost Bells Of Elothaua
Flat Stone — Interval Time
Ian Haygreen – Mandira Ghanti
Lastboss — Jigsaw 6
Thoribass – Dark Temple
Tuonela — Lost mountain
ablaut — lost temple
Yum Haruki — lost on mountain
Ed Mundio — My shed is my temple
(((sevenısm))) — Mountain Chimes