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For the last 3 years Naviar Records has been a point of intersection between poetry and music, and home for some of the most creative and courageous musicians woldwide: without them Naviar Records would not exist, so please make sure you visit our contributors’ page and support some of these incredibly talented artists.

If you think Naviar has benefited you in some way, consider becoming a Member with a recurring monthly or yearly contribution: by subscribing you’ll gain access to Naviar’s entire back catalogue and all future digital releases, and a 20% discount on all physical goods in store.  It’s a means for the most generous fans to directly sustain the future of this musical project. You can also become a one-time supporter with a single donation in any amount when you download one of Naviar’s free compilations.

Thank you so much for your interest and support, be it monetary or else: I hope you appreciate the work that Naviar Records has done so far.