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online haiku workshop

Next Workshop: 9th May 2020

Naviar has been organizing haiku workshops since 2017 during its Naviar Haiku Fest. Now we want to offer the chance to learn more about this fascinating traditional form of Japanese poetry also to those based outside of the UK with an online introductory course to haiku.

In this 2-hour webinar, we’ll analyze the rules for writing a haiku and its structure, how to add a Kigo (seasonal reference) and Kireji (cutting word). We’ll read and analyze poems, as well as write our own.

The workshop will be divided in two parts:

  1. Introduction, the evolution of haiku, The Great Four haiku masters, haiku in the West (1 hour).

  2. Group exercises, writing using objects, images and all five senses as a source of inspiration (1 hour).

The workshop is hosted by Marco Sebastiano Alessi. Marco has been running Naviar Records and its Haiku Music Challenge since 2014.


2 workshop

(Once you register, a Google Hangouts invitation will be sent at least 48 hours before the workshop)