Naviar Records

Gomel, 1986

Naviar Records & Food of War - Gomel, 1986

This music challenge marked the first collaboration between Naviar’s community and Food of War, an international art collective that explores the direct relationship between conflict and food, and how these two influence each other.

To commemorate the 31th anniversary of Chernobyl disaster, Food of War organized Clouded Lands, a show which aimed to raise awareness on the consequences that such catastrophic event brings in people’s culture and everyday life: outcomes that can still be seen and experienced today in this area of our planet. The exhibition took place at Rich Mix, in London, between 5th and 28th April 2017.

Naviar’s task was to recreate sounds, atmospheres and moods of the areas affected by the disaster: the mix below was made with the entries that members of Naviar’s community submitted to this project and was used as sound installation for the duration of the show.


Food of War: