Naviar Records

Wet Petals

“The beauty of gentle and quiet rain on wet flowers: that is the scenery I saw on a Sunday morning when I was a child and I still remember. Inspired by the beauty that such nature and the landscape brings to memory, I continue to make music.” (Hirotaka)

Wet Petals is a collection of 5 ambient compositions by Hirotaka Shirotsubaki, a sound artist from Kobe, Japan.

Soothing melodies, field recordings and otherworldly guitar atmospheres will take you to an ethereal and eternal landscape where time stopped long ago, but nature still resonates with intensity. Wet Petals is a recreation of memories from fragments of sounds: it draws inspiration from nature and moods, bringing back impressions from days gone by.

Wet Petals is available in limited edition cassette and digital.

released February 9, 2017

Written, recorded and produced by Hirotaka Shirotsubaki
Artwork by Marco Alessi
Design by Ewa Goral

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