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The Nightfall

In haiku poetry, “Kigo” is a seasonal reference, a word or group of words which locates the poem in a season of the year, the seasonal association helping the reader imagine the atmosphere and settings of the poem more vividly. Kigo evokes memories and feelings which vary depending on the readers themselves: their active role is crucial in haiku poetry as different cultural and historical backgrounds may lead to a different interpretation of the poem.

The Nightfall is a collection of four composition, each one inspired by a seasonal haiku, by Serbo-Croatian artist Manja Ristić. By combining abstract electronics, haunting soundscapes and field recordings textures, Manja recreates the evocative atmosphere of haiku without using words: just like Kigo in haiku poetry, sounds can evoke memories, images, and associations. The tracks in The Nightfall are moments frozen in time that can be perceived rather than seen, allowing the mind of the listeners to reinterpret in their own way these four deeply moving soundscapes.



city heat
a boy stirs oily rainbows
with his pocket knife

Peggy Willis Lyles (1939 – 2010)


losing my way
is part of the journey —
poppy flower

Inahata Teiko (1931)


boy smashing dandelions
with a stick

Jean-Louis Kérouac (1922 – 1969)


the comb’s broken tooth
disappears down the drain—
first morning light

Michael Dylan Welch (1962)

Manja Ristić was born in Belgrade (1979). She is a violinist, sound artists, curator and researcher mostly active in the field of electro-acoustics, instrumental improvisation and experimental sound related arts. She graduated at the Belgrade Music Academy (2001), then gained PGDip at the Royal College of Music in London (2004). Her work is largely focused on exploration of synesthesia in AV performance, intuitive composition and sound ecology. Sound art merges instrumental improvisation with field recording and electronics, developing concepts of creative listening.

Manja collaborated with wide range of artists, performers, conductors, movie and theatre directors. She is a founder and president of the Association of Multimedia Artists “Auropolis”, since 2004. She lives on the island of Korčula, in South Adriatic.


released April 26th, 2018

Written, produced and performed by Manja Ristić
Mastered by SoLow
Design and cover art by Ewa Goral

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