Naviar Records

Song Lines

reviewed by:  Classical Modern Music

Sounds define our perception of the world: from the chaotic Indian markets to the inscrutable English forests, they envelop everything we know and experience, and intensify our sensations. Among those sounds there are hidden melodies, travelling in the ether, which can be isolated, reworked, and transformed into more complex compositions: the representation of a particular moment, environment and atmosphere, combined with the unique taste and feelings of the person who reinterpreted them.

With Song Lines, Simon McCorry studies our ability to listen: travelling through space and time, he catches strands of melody and transforms them into cultural impressions, shifting from East to South Asia to Africa to Eastern Europe to Western Europe. Never ever actually being any one thing.

In a time when we seem to be losing our ability to accept what’s new and “different”, Song Lines highlights the distinction between hearing and listening. The only way to perceive those feeble melodies around us is to be here and now, to look at people, cultures and places always with fresh eyes and curiosity. Melodies that become a compelling celebration of diversity.


Written, produced and performed by Simon McCorry
Mastered by Adaq Khan
Design and cover art by Ewa Goral