Naviar Records

relief. silence comes

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white noise stopping thoughts
minds seeking calm, letting go –
relief. silence comes.

Naviar Records’ third solo release is an experimental album by a member of its community: earthborn visions. “Relief. silence comes” offers a rich and unpredictable ambient experience: it evolves organically, gradually mapping out sonic landscapes using atmospheric textures, pulsating basslines and unexpected variations. Just as life can never be predictable, the music here plays with concepts of certainty and permanence.

“The seven tracks were written at a time when I was exploring the use of generative / random ideas to develop melodies. I’d use my guitar to come up with a simple, conventional chord progression, switch to Logic to translate the progression into a more ambient sound space using synths / pads / strings, and then use random ideas plus my own taste to work on the melodies and harmonies. I was also aiming for a darker, more unsettling undercurrent to the tracks by adding unexpected tones, randomly garbled vocals and shifts in mood and tempo – hopefully taking the listener on an occasionally challenging but ultimately harmonious journey.”