Naviar Records


“‘Haiku’ is a collection of musical interpretations of haiku poems, all recorded during 2020, as part of Naviar Haiku challenges. My aspiration when selecting tracks is to communicate a series of experiences, and hopefully take you on a short journey. Most pieces are played, mixed and recorded live with an eclectic arsenal of hardware keyboards, synthesisers, and analogue effects, with little or no further editing.”

Mats Unden is a Swedish sound artist, musician, and experimental composer, based in Darwin, Australia. He creates minimal electronica, ambient, and makes noise, with a passion for analogue, modular and vintage synthesizers. Being a visual artist as well, some works end up in performances, videos and installations.

the last kite / carries the setting sun / in its wings
by Aju Mukhopadhyay (haiku #320)

in the beach breeze / my travels forgotten… / evening cool
by Kobayashi Issa (haiku #318)

Memories of spring / Always present / Inside
by Mats Unden (haiku #319)

A bird flew past / very close / a white feather fell
by Mats Unden (haiku #330)

a cathedral of pines / rising into light / echoes of birdsong
by Ian Turner (haiku #345)

a dark corridor / rolls into infinity – / floating particles.
by Mark Morris (haiku #316)