Naviar Records

Haiku 12

Naviar Haiku: music in response to a weekly assigned haiku poem. A project run by Naviar Records


Benn DeMole
Boson Spin
Carlos R
Dave Dorgan
Dental Drill Slips
Detritus tabu
Lionel Benancie
My Own Cubic Stone
Unnecessary Enterprises


Haiku #131

Fall into deep space
tumbling down to sleep
remember to wake

by Ruben Gabriel

Haiku #133

Lightning strike pulses
from the core outward and back
heart pumps eyes ablaze

by Jeffrey Yamaguchi

Haiku #137

Meteor shower
a gentle wave
wets our sandals

by Michael Dylan Welch

Haiku #138

First thing to catch my ear
of my native village

by Hosha

Haiku #139

the trains are silent
all night long

by Yu Chang

Haiku #140

Fireworks against the evening sky
are pretty and even dramatic:
but I prefer the crescent moon and evening stars

By Charles Reznikoff

Haiku #144

Traveling priest
Vanish in the mist
Trailed by his bell

By Meisetsu

Haiku #147

Awake in the dark –
so that is how rain sounds
on a magnolia

By Billy Collins

Haiku #148

A city parking space
appears and disappears
in fog

By Marianna Monaco