Naviar Records

Gathering Silence

Microphone in hand,

I sit inside the old church,

Gathering silence.

(Haiku written by Ian Joyce)


Gathering Silence by Audio Obscura is Naviar’s first solo release of 2019.

Recording as Audio Obscura, Neil spent 3 years making field recordings in desolate churches in rural Norfolk (UK), a process through which he realised that “mindfulness can come through sound recording – through listening rather than the breath”.

“In July 2015 my family and I moved from London to rural north Norfolk. Our house was about a mile down a lane surrounded by fields and past the lane was a small village called Stratton Strawless, with a lovely old country church. I walked there a lot that first summer, often with our baby in a pushchair and took my digital sound recorder to record the old harmonium I had noticed in the corner of the church. On that trip I also recorded the church resonances and used contact mics on any suitable surfaces.

Getting to know Norfolk I realised that the writer W.G Sebald was buried not too far away and so made a trip and made a field recording at his grave at St. Andrews church. A few months later I made some recordings in Norwich Cathedral and so, without realising it, I started a little collection of Norfolk Churches. By the end of 2015 I decided to make it a project; to visit and document in sound recordings some of the rural churches, both inside and around the graveyards.


Written, produced and performed by Neil Stringfellow
Mastered by SoLow
Design and cover art by Ewa Goral