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The Naviar Haiku Fest comes back to London for its fourth edition, this time at the iconic music club Corsica Studios.

We’ll start the event with an introductory workshop to haiku, a traditional short form of Japanese poetry, followed by a music hackathon where musicians will be invited to make music in response to an assigned haiku.

The Haiku Fest will end with a series of live performances by members and friends of Naviar Records, working in the fields of ambient, electronic and contemporary classical music.

1-3 pm: haiku workshop

we’ll learn the history of haiku, the rules for writing one and its structure, how to add a kigo (seasonal reference) and Kireji (cutting word). We’ll also read and analyze some of the most famous haiku and haibun. At the end of the workshop, participants will have time to write their own poems. The workshop is hosted by Marco Sebastiano Alessi, founder of Naviar.

3.30: 6.30pm: music hackathon

Our music hackathon is designed to bring together all people who love music & technology. Spend the afternoon making music from scratch and collaborating with other creatives, while further exploring the relationship between haiku and music.
At the beginning of the session you’ll be provided with a list of haiku poems to choose from (provided by the Haiku Foundation), and invited to make music in response to one of them. You’ll have three hours to complete one (or more) compositions and record it.
This event is open to all experience levels.
Requirements: Participants should bring their own music equipment, including tablet, laptop (OSX / Windows/ Linux) or any other recording devices, and a pair of headphones.

You can still take part in the hackhaton even if you can’t physically be at the event: just sign up as an online participant and we’ll send you an email with the guidelines as soon as the contest begins.

The best overall tracks will be selected by Naviar Records and released as a free digital album. Thanks to our partnership with Image-Line, all participants will get a 40% discount on any FL Studio purchase. The three best tracks, selected by a panel of judges, will be awarded with a special prize: a free copy of FL Studio Signature Bundle.

7-10pm: live performances


Pedro Figueiredo is a Portuguese software developer who started experimenting with noise music a decade ago, and has gravitated towards a minimalist approach – layers of piano, tape loops, found noises, and granular synthesis.


Using an electric guitar and a small assortment of pedal looping devices as his foundational tools, Tunnelwater creates what could broadly be described as minimal, ambient, electroacoustic music. His wide range of musical experience and commitment to improvisation in live performances will often allow the music to be gently persuaded over the boundaries of the territory suggested by those descriptors, while maintaining a core aesthetic that is meditative and mindful of the taming power of the small, gentle, slow, and subtle.


Neil Stringfellow has been recording and releasing music as Audio Obscura since 2014. A lof of Neils music uses field recordings as a base and haunts the wide spectrum’s of electro-acoustic music with a firm footing in the ambient realm. The sound also strays towards the experimental end of electronica where post-classical minimal leanings occasionally push through.


Simon is a cellist & composer based in Stroud, Gloucestershire. After playing in several bands as a bass player in the 90s he started making music and sound design for theatre, contemporary dance and film. He has worked with visual artists creating soundscapes for installations and exhibitions, defining space and feeling with sound. Also releases work as ‘amonism’ combining influences of modern classical, free improvisation with electronics & field recording.

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